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The Destiny Discovery:
Find Your Soul's Path to Success

By Michelle L. Casto

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At this critical turning point in our history, millions of people just like are you are hungry for answers to those age-old questions of Who am I? Why am I Here? What is my Ultimate Purpose? But here's the Truth not everyone knows: You were encoded for greatness. What's more, you can achieve that greatness in THIS lifetime. You don't have to wait until the "next time around", clear your karma, or any other previously held belief system that limits you in any way. The time for your greatness is NOW.

Now a #1 bestseller, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path to Success offers a powerful and integrative approach to designing and living a life of purpose, meaning and destiny. This book utilizes a powerful Self-Coaching approach to help you align your will with divine will and learn to pay attention to the signs and synchronicities along the way. Reading this book, will help you active divine destiny discovery process, release old paradigms of thinking, and step fully into a new type of consciousness. After decades or years of doing "spiritual work," you will finally find yourself living your destiny and can put to rest the constant search for fulfillment outside yourself.

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Praise for The Destiny Discovery
"If you are searching for inner strength and clarity of purpose after being dealt one of life's hard blows, pick up The Destiny Discovery and let Michelle Casto show you how to transform your disappointment into a life of Destiny and authentic happiness."
- Christine Kloser
"Michelle L. Casto is one of the brightest lights in the shift of consciousness movement and her book, The Destiny Discovery will get you on your path of purpose."
- John Harricharan
Best-Selling Author, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat
"In The Destiny Discovery, Michelle Casto lays a map of personal development out beautifully for you. She makes it easy to follow the bread crumbs to awaken your soul and BE the love that you are."
- Lynnet Mckenzie
Energy healer

Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission to inspire you to discover the Truth of who you are so you can freely shine your brightest light. Whether you are changing careers, making a major life transition, or seeking more meaning from life, you can benefit from the support of an experienced mentor to assist you with navigating the tough spots of walking your highest Destiny. Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientele to find their ideal career path, expertly blending human psychology, spirituality, and the science of success into a powerful formula for personal transformation. Her proven Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) empowers people to grow beyond victim mentality and shows them how to be conscious creators of their life. A prolific author of 30+ life transformation products, her latest book, is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path to Success.

*** Also look for Destined for Love: A Step by Step Guide to Attracting Your Soul Mate and coming soon, Career Ecstasy: Find Work You Love and Get Paid What You Are Worth on Kindle.

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With gratitude and appreciation,

Michelle L. Casto
Life & Business Coach